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We all are pretending to be adults.

We all are pretending to be adults.

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With many organizations focusing on content marketing over the next year, measuring the power and effectiveness of your content efforts is going to be important.

Here are some content-specific KPIs (key performance indicators) that you can begin tracking:

  • Content throughput: Publishing volume and rate
  • Content engagement: Views and comments across all channels
  • Content dispersion: Likes, Shares, Tweets, +1s, Pins, etc.
  • Content connection: Number of content interactions in the sales cycle
  • Search lift: Keyword rankings
  • Traffic: Across all properties (Web, social, etc.)
  • Content conversions: New subscribers, leads generated
  • Content value: Rough measure of revenue expectation from each content post

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This is hilarious simply because it’s true.

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"If I were going to whisper something into my younger self, I would just say, ‘Keep your head down, work hard, and listen to whosever is ahead of you because you’re going to learn something from them.’ And that’s kinda what I did.’"

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Imagine a world where your elected government officials respond in real-time to the issues plaguing your community. What if, instead of lobbyists and special interest groups controlling the outcome of new legislation, the majority of citizens’ voices were actually heard above all others. What would the world be like, if the people hacked the government through the use of social networks by expressing their concerns and demanding changes be made sooner rather than much, much later.

Well, that is the very democracy that Mayor Cory Booker, of Newark, NJ and keynote presenter at last week’s Ad Age Digital Conference, is hoping to achieve by encouraging American’s to unleash their power through the use of today’s digital platforms. 


Possible? Maybe not in the near future, but he is certainly on his way by taking back control of his city’s brand through the use of online videos. Personally responding in real-time through his Twitter account to local residents who report traffic snarls and graffiti within their community. And by investing the $100 million dollars donated by Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook into the Newark’s educational system by training and cultivating the technology creative minds of young students. 

As Mayor Booker reminded the audience during the event in New York City, democracy is not a spectator sport and it’s time for American’s to take back control of the issues that matter to them, and today’s digital platforms have given us the ability to do just that. Who knows, maybe if the 90% of us who wanted background checks on guns chose to tweet, post videos and blog our thoughts, stories and appeals maybe the senate would have voted differently last week.

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This past week, I had the opportunity to attend the annual Ad Age Digital Conference in New York City. For two days, I networked with and listened to presentations from some of the leading digital marketers in the country working for top brands such as Starbucks, Amazon, Facebook and Google.

After absorbing massive amounts of information, below are takeaways that I think truly mattered:

Mobile is Standard Practice
With mobile usage skyrocketing at speeds no one anticipated, optimizing for smartphones is now considered a must do for all organizations. Mobile is no longer a platform that digital marketers can place on the back-burner.

Start and End with the Customer
It has always been about the customer in both the B2B and B2C worlds. However, consumers now expect that marketers know their personal interests and needs, and anticipate that they will be targeted accordingly. By starting with a customer engagement strategy and working backwards, marketers can develop initiatives that truly put the customers needs first.

Big Data is Like Teenage Sex 
Everyone says they are doing it, and the handful that truly do are doing it poorly. Although, data is very important, most of the advice shared throughout the event was to take it in small chunks and don’t soley rely on the data.

Digital is Disrupting Television
Advertising dollars once dedicated to television are now starting to move over to digital. Online video consumption is on the rise in a major way with companies like Aereo, Red Box and Hulu forcing the networks’ hands by producing better content. And although many believe that DVRs are disrupting the advertising message, it’s actually smartphones that are the most common distraction during commercials.

Digital is Marketing & Marketing is Digital
The organizational chart at many of the large brands has changed significantly, as they have essentially eliminated their digital departments. In a nutshell, you can’t be a marketer today and not know digital. 

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And we still have just as many “platforms” to keep up with today.

And we still have just as many “platforms” to keep up with today.

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Focus only on the positive! These e-tattoos are a great way to find out what is really going on with your body.